Brake and Clutch Warehouse – April 14th 2019

Annabel and Scott’s big day was one filled with joy, pure emotion, and praise. I connected with them through Annabel’s mother, Debi from over at Avalon Legacy Ranch, and from the beginning I could tell that their love for Christ would be the driving force for me wanting to work to be a part of their special day. Our initial meeting was over coffee just prior to their engagement session (which they ROCKED) and I fell in love with their personalities.

If you’ve ever been to Brake and Clutch Warehouse in Deep Ellum, you know that it’s a marvel in and of itself. It’s an industrial style wedding venue with brick and mortar walls, impeccable lighting, and is a blank slate for creativity. That said, the floral designs were intricate, and included one of the most beautiful flower arches I’ve ever seen. Annabel and Scott decided to go a DIY route with their tables, with unique vintage plates and custom linens. Brake and Clutch’s grand reception hall ceiling chandeliers were draped with multicolored streamers, a tribute to their playful and lighthearted personalities. Admittedly, one of my favorite parts of their decorations was their Happy Potter themed cake that was crafted to look like the actual infamous novels from the series. This included Quidditch: Through The Ages, Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find The, History of Magic, and Transfiguration. My inner nerd was ELATED, to say the least. Like WHAT? HOW COOL IS THAT?

Prior to the ceremony and even during, the couple shared moments of praise and worship with their family and loved ones. They have a huge support system of others who have hearts for Christ, and it was such a beautiful thing to witness. The elevated spirits segued into the reception, which was full of surprises, insane dance moves, and concluded with a confetti exit (one of my FAVORITE kinds by the way!). It was an incredible day from start to finish, and we were beyond overjoyed with the opportunity to be apart of their day.

Venue: Brake and Clutch Warehouse

Planning: Angie Blue

Floral: Haute Floral

Dress: A & Be Bridal Shop, Dallas


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