Hi, I’m Meme

Hello All! I’m Meme! It’s pronounced like, “Mee-Mee,” but you can also refer to me as your professional third wheel, The Cat Whisperer, The Mango Maven (I’ll explain later), The Shutter Queen, you know, whatever you’re into! I have a penchant for adventure, and making memories with you and your fiance is what I care about more than anything.

When I’m not out shooting, I can be found in any of the numerable coffee shops in Frisco, Texas, and my goal is to travel the world in search of the adventuresome, the untamed, and the eclectic couples of Earth.

For some back story, I’m just another millennial chasing my innate passion and pursuing what I love, man. I have a bachelors degree in Biology (disclaimer in the event that I ever rattle off random anatomical regions while directing during a shoot), and if you’re ever feeling ill I can probably diagnose what you’ve got for you - no WebMD required. Ever since I was a little snot-nosed kiddo, I’ve always had some sort of camera in my hands, whether it was a little a point and shoot or a Polaroid. But after undergrad, I bought my very first DSLR camera as a graduation gift to myself (because, treat yo self), and the rest is history. After years of live performance/concert/festival photography, I later discovered that I truly have a passion for capturing weddings, couples in love, and the spaces they inhabit.

I’d love to meet you, your pets, your families, and I want to hear all about your vision for your big day. And, I’ll try my best not to cry with you when you walk down the aisle (no promises, though). I love to laugh, I love to make memories, and moreover, I love people. Documenting weddings in the most authentic and honest way possible, is kind of my jam. Let’s be friends?



Photo By Jane Jung Photography

Photo By Jane Jung Photography