The Bomb Factory, Dallas, Texas

Thursday, November 5th 2015

The Scottish trifecta, CHVRCHES, effectively put on a delightful show at The Bomb Factory this week, and left the crowd in awe by delivering a light show unlike any other. The band’s pop-infused synths alongside two very enthusiastic keyboardists, and the petite, fiery eyed lead vocalist, Lauren Mayberry, created an ethereal air inside the venue that lingered throughout the duration of the show. Performing hits from their EP The Mother We Share,CHVRCHES completely captivated their listeners as Mayberry daintily maneuvered the stage with a demeanor and grace reminiscent to a pixie fairy.

CHVRCHES’ style of music is contrastingly upbeat in comparison to their goth-esque choice of attire, making them an alluring, paradox of a group, unique in their ability to convey prose in their dark lyrics whilst still managing to make their listeners frolic around with the brimming enthusiasm equivocal to that of young school children. Interestingly enough, the demographic of their fans varied significantly in age, some very young, some older, and the majority of which appeared to be hipsters, noted by the abundance of fedoras, man buns, and plaid present in the crowd. Despite this huge variation, all of the aforementioned attendees seemed to be keenly enjoying the European band’s set all the way from start to finish. We’re sure to witness big things from CHVRCHES in the near future, and hope that they stay true to the conundrum that is their approach to music.


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