I’m a trend setter, an adventurer, a coffee lover and a photographer! I love experiments and personal projects. Finding new perspectives and breathing in new life into old boring scenes is what inspires and gets me excited! If you call yourself a creative, proudly wear that title, be memorable, inspire others and always be ahead of the crowd! Be Evóra!

Prairie Creek Park is one of my favorite go to locations in DFW for engagement sessions. I feel this way about this little gem for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s the perfect place for an intimate spring time session on a weekday (it gets a tad crowded on the weekend)! It’s unique from most locations in DFW because of the variation if offers. It has tall trees, walking trails, wooden bridges, grassy knolls, and a waterfall. Yup. A WATERFALL. In little old Richardson, Texas. What more can you ask for? Especially in North Texas! Prairie Creek Park has everything, and I was so thrilled when Kaitlin and Dyllan decided that this is where they wanted to take their engagement photos.

Dyllan and Kaitlin met while in college at The University of Oklahoma. They were bother leaders for Young Life, an outreach ministry organization where they led high school students to know Jesus and build relationships with them. They were friends for a while and found themselves being drawn to one another and spending more and more time together. After a while, Dyllan made the first bold move and told Kaitlin he had feelings for her, and she was over the moon. Apparently, she had been crushing on him for quite a while, as well. They’ve expressed how fortunate they feel to have gotten to spend their college experience together and continue that into their professional careers. I am capturing their wedding this fall and I seriously cannot WAIT!

Prairie Creek Park has beautiful light around sunset, so we timed out shoot right around then. We had soft golden hour light and warm weather. You honestly couldn’t ask for better weather on a spring day in Texas. Though the pair did admit they were a bit nervous at first, I genuinely couldn’t tell, because they were so natural in front of the camera! Their chemistry and fun personalities immediately took over. It was an evening full of laughs, warm embraces, and plenty of fun.

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