Fetty Wap and Post Malone's "Welcome To The Zoo Tour" Is Pure Fun

Fetty Wap, With Post Malone

Tuesday, March 8th 2016

House of Blues, Dallas, Texas

Last night was nothing less than a homecoming celebration for Grapevine, Texas native Post Malone as he warmed up the bill for Fetty Wap during the Monster Energy Outbreak: Welcome to The Zoo Tour. Both performers exploded on the music scene in 2015 with viral hits, such as Fetty’s, “Trap Queen” and Malone’s, “White Iverson”. Together they proved that they each have what it takes to keep that adrenaline soaring despite the “one hit wonder” stigma that seems to plague so many breakout artists of today, and did so with infectious smiles and good vibes throughout the entire evening. Seriously, EVERYONE was smiling and in extremely high spirits. It was impossible to not have a good time.

Gleefully strutting across the stage, shaking hands of fans in the audience, and grinning jubilantly, grill-clad Post Malone appeared to be in full form during his set, complete with his Texas Rangers jersey. The crowd was at full attention, reciting each lyric word for word during “Tear$” and “What’s Up”; he also paid homage to Atlanta Rapper Bankroll fresh, who was killed over the weekend, during his track entitled, “Too Young,” voicing his condolences. He even brought out Dallas, Texas legend Big Tuck to accompany him on stage to perform, “Southside Da Realist,” a surprise to which the crowd clearly expressed their delight as they chimed in every word, bobbing and swaying in unison. Despite the mild backlash the rapper has received from his breakout to stardom last year, he demonstrated that his allegiance to North Texas is still intact, no matter the circumstances of his success.

Fetty Wap is unique in that he has had no trouble whatsoever remaining at the forefront of the radio airwaves for the past year, with multiple hits under his belt including “679,” “Again,” and “My Way.”Indeed, the New Jersey rapper has a way with catchy tunes, all in the manner of today’s trap influenced styling, addictive melodies, heavy base and fun-filled lyrics. Fetty smiled and danced lightheartedly for the entire duration of his set, pausing only to address the crowd, expressing his sheer appreciation for their continued love and support, and to ensure them of his love for the city of Dallas.

These artists are both in the process of bulking up their repertoire to obtain the same level of notoriety as their hip-hop heavyweight counterparts, and are well on their way to achieving this with their constant radio-play and touring. To have a packed out venue on a Tuesday night only verifies that their fanbase is as sustainable as they are loyal, and the performers were sure to soak in every bit of their good energy, both beaming ear-to-ear, whilst showcasing the ultimate level of fervor and passion for their craft.