Mac Miller's GO:OD AM Tour Proves Rapper's Resilience

Mac Miller at The Bomb Factory, Dallas, Texas


Mac Miller + Tory Lanez at

The Bomb Factory, Dallas, Texas

November 23rd, 2015

Resilience is the name of the game when it comes to 23-year-old Mac Miller’s ongoing legacy as one of the youngest influential artists of his time. With an arsenal of mixtapes and now a third studio album under his belt, this Pittsburgh native is catapulting himself into the next dimension of stardom. 4.3 thousand fans gathered in Dallas to witness Mac’s 5th solo tour, entitled the GO:OD AM Tour after his most recent project backed by Warner Brother Records, a hallowing reflection of his recently overcome struggles of sorrow and addiction. Supported on road by a slew of hot artists, such as the up and coming Njomza, newbie Michael Christmas and chart trail blazer Tory Lanez, the young emcee’s show certainly left an impression upon its viewers that they won’t soon forget. Newcomers Njomza and Christmas’s showcases kept the crowed entertained with snippets of their recent projects, refreshing riffs that sparked the interest of anyone in the vicinity having heard them for the first time.

Trekking shortly behind the other performers was the fast-rising Tory Lanez, popular for his current radio smash, “Say It” and also for presently dominating the urban airwaves. In site of the smoother, more melodic tones of his single, nothing could have prepared the onlookers for Lanez’s performance. From the instant he took place on the stage, the seemingly soft-spoken vocalist revved up several notches in a matter of moments. He instantly sunk his heels into the wooden flooring during his entry tune, next proceeding to stand on a speaker at the head of the platform, all before springing up and down with the elastic flexibility comparable to that of a brand new slinky. Lanez’s energetic exhibition was sustained throughout the duration of his set, engaging the crowd at every given moment. At one point during the intercession of a song, he randomly drops the mic and hurdles himself into the crowd, sending everyone into frenzy. After limply surfing for a few minutes, the rapper manages to regain his footing – atop the bodies within the amassed crowd. Lanez suspends himself in the inner meshwork of arms and hands, somehow balancing himself perfectly. He eventually rolls his way transversely across the sea of fans, back to the stage, back to the crowd, then the stage again, and finally to the top of the rafters, where, upon exhausted arrival, he exclaims, “Hey Dallas…I made it to the top!”

After seeing Tory Lanez carry out such a perilous demonstration, one may have thought it’d be difficult for Mac Miler to effectively follow suit. However, shortly thereafter the young emcee strolls onto the stage, whilst a vibrant array of colors illuminating a photo of himself across the backdrop. Prior to his ensemble, he beckons the crowd to repeat back the phrase, “One band….one sound” alluding to a well-known quotation from the film Drumline. Eruptions of enthusiasm reverberate throughout the halls as he initiates the night with a mash-up of some of his older tunes, such as, “Loud” from his 2012 composure Macadelicalong with “Watching Movies” from his previous album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, much to the delight of the audience, as everyone present seemed to be reciting the lyrics with pristine accuracy. Refrains such as, “Bird Call” and “Nikes On My Feet” appeared to get the nod of approval from Miller’s older, backpacker shrouded fanbase.

After battling vices that forced his to mature from both a personal standpoint and as an artist, it would seem as though Mac Miller is only getting better with time. Overcoming past demons to deliver a newfound demeanor as seen the other night proves his capability to bounce back better than ever before, no matter the circumstance. Mac’s new form is here to stay, and we’re eager to see this performer evolve to the next level.