Allen Stone: Groovy Times and Good Vibes in Dallas

Allen Stone at Granada Theater, Dallas, Texas

Washington’s own Allen Stone returns to Dallas yet again after gracing the Granada stage just a few months ago, and still manages to blow us away effortlessly as if it were the very first time. The singer’s soul-pop meets earthy folk style has made him an up and coming monumental force to be reckoned with. Radius Tour, appropriately named to back Radius, his 3rd full length album and first album with Capitol Records, kicks off with a chilling, emotive set from new-age experimental artist, JMSN. JMSN, hailing from Detroit, is a master of harmonizing over spectral, sultry beats and turns out to be quite the dancer as well, showing off some groovy moves while shaking a tambourine in tandem to the beat at one point in his routine, which the crowd simply adored. While performing “’Bout It” from his 2014 Blue album, there wasn’t a silent voice in the theater.

Strolling out in a hip sailor jacket and matching hat, a contagious grin, and a guitar in hand, Allen Stone instantly entrances the onlookers as he segues into tunes from his recent album. Accompanying him are multiple pianists, a percussionist, a short man with a trumpet and a tall man with a trombone. In a word, “dynamic,” best describes the remainder of the evening. Stone pauses at one point to declare, “tonight…you will leave feeling better than you did when you got here…right here, in this moment, magic is about to happen.” And, just like that, positive energy resonates throughout the entire theater and reverberates off the walls. Flawlessly crooning up and down scales, hitting unearthly beautiful pitches beautiful enough to make a grown man swoon (and, some did), Stone unapologetically grasps the undivided attention as well as the hearts of everyone in attendance. During his song entitled, “Free Love” he unflinchingly hops into the crowd, engaging in hugs, high-fives, and even selfies as he momentarily works his way around the room to administer positive vibes before returning to the stage to close out. At the show’s conclusion, the crowd pleaded for an encore. Stone complies, playing for almost another half hour, leaving the listeners beyond satisfied. Stone won’t be back for the remainder of the year unfortunately, but he left more than enough on the Granada stage to keep his fans satiated until his visit.