There's more to a picture than what meets the eye...

Meme Urbane, a young, charismatic Dallas suburbanite, is developing her knowledge of craft by experimentally making notable strides in the realms of visuals and imaging. Possessing a naturally intuitive and creative mind from a young age, it's no shocker that this multifaceted artist is expanding her horizons by taking on so many new projects this year. With no professional training or mentoring, this University of North Texas graduate is proving that she has what it takes to keep up with the big dogs in the industry. She specializes in portraiture, event, and concert photography, is a web content and visual contributor to multiple sites, including and, and is the lone curator to her brand, @UrbaneCollective.

In addition to showcasing her photography skill-set, Meme Urbane also utilizes this site as a personal blog dedicated to her travel experiences and visual-ventures. 


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